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Lifting Equipment and Hydraulic Gantries Rent.


Techno-Mark  is  a subdivision of the Keen-Mark group of companies. We are focused on a full range of cargo handling services including installation, assembling and disassembling of heavy equipment within confined environment of working shops, all kinds of rigging works.

Techno-Mark offers its lifting equipment for rent. Our vast experience of working with our European partners proves that it is often more favorable to rent lifting equipment here in Russia instead of carrying it from Europe.

If you have to carry out installation works in Russia / Belarus / Kazakhstan / Ukraine why not take lifting equipment for rent?


Rent of our lifting equipment will allow you to lower delivery and installation costs and not to deal with customs opening Carnet ATA customs regime which can be quite complicated.

We hope that you can consider Techno-Mark as a reliable partner on the Russian Market. Our equipment and highly professional staff will help you not to reject projects in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan or Ukraine.


- Techno-Mark is one of the most experienced super lift specialized companies in Russia.

- Techno-Mark operates a fleet of gantries (Lift Systems)

- Techno-Mark is a part of the Keen-Mark group of companies, a large carrier and forwarder of heavy lift and project cargoes on the Russian and European markets.


Keen –Mark operates a fleet of:

  • 50 trucks
  • 90 specilalized semitrailers
  • Goldhofer PST SLE mobile wheeled modules
  • Goldhofer THP SL conventional modular carriages
  • Scheuerle SMPT modular transporters
  • Several hydraulic gantries (Lift Systems)


Operated gantry and equipment rental is also available. Our staff is highly professional and certified.

We do not rely on outside transportation companies. Our fleet of 50 trucks allows us to deliver our equipment to any job site in Russia.


If you think about installation works in Russia contact us. We will find the best lift equipment rental solution for your projects in Russia.

Julia Kramnik 

Business Development Manager
+7 921 7443558

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